What I Wish I Had Known When I Started …Part 2

As I discussed in my previous post, isn’t it interesting how our failures become our greatest teachers? My biggest failures were the most shameful, isolating and downright revolting experiences of my life. They were also my biggest lessons. I chose to LEARN from them. Every challenge that ever presented I chose to seek a lesson from.

I accidentally bought a little bit of a salon, A-LOT brothel that cost me my home and marriage.

My most shameful, horrific failure experience ever!

Thankfully I was able to fire-sale the ‘salon’ (take whatever I could get to get out).

I’m all for learning, but seriously, failing isn’t fun and the lessons we learn are often difficult ones.

Late one night, in the 2am wake up in the sweats moment – that I would not lose anymore, I was going to learn to do whatever I had to.

Something had to change and fast.

Two words would always make my eyes glaze over. They were 2 areas I knew nothing about and felt intimated but knew I had to learn about.

Marketing, and Systems.


Wouldn’t it be nice to get the same lesson and avoid the failure all together? If only I had been driven to learn about marketing and systems without that humiliating failure.

It occurred to me that surely there MUST be a way where I can inexpensively hire someone to do some marketing layouts for me, that I can use and re use whenever I wanted.

There must be someone who can systemise and monetise my salon.

I searched high and low, found a few business coaches who all talked the same stuff and charge ALOT. I tried a couple of them, but it was more fluff than effectiveness for me.


I managed to find all my answers in the company Worldwide Salon Marketing (WSM) whose entire business was on marketing / ad templates that I could just tweak to my salon details.

(Sadly I let their Simple Salon Marketing manual sit and collect dust for 9 months before I finally devoured it all in one night and implemented my first ad the next day!)

They had a lot of audio I could listen to and absorb as much information as I could on the mindset and psychology behind successful business, advertising, CUSTOMERS!

And none of it  was ‘woe is me’ – it was all about being positive, in the face of your struggles, and TAKING action.

Not waiting for it to change = MAKING IT CHANGE!

I developed marketing strategies/steps taken when I did an ad campaign. What ones worked best, what wording worked best.


I learned how to ‘turn the tap on’, I learned how to put it all together to make money AND make customers happy. Finally our account was looking healthier and so was business. We were MAKING money! Delightfully, somewhere in here our marriage recovered as well!


It gave me an incredible sense or relief and control of my business that I hadn’t ever felt before.


This amazing box of feelings only increased when I discovered Done-For-You templates for staff training, salon operations, and scripts became a BIG part of our business for everything.

(TIP: This amazing package for hair and beauty owners will be coming your way VERY VERY SOON! )

.. and I really learned HOW to hire, HOW to fire.

HOW to train my staff so that they didn’t run the show – I DID!

Having my salon systemised and my marketing sorted, I devoured everything I could get my hands and eyes on!

My husband I both loved WSM so much that when CEO Greg Milner asked me to coach other members I grabbed the opportunity in excitement to share what I learned and help others. My husband Peter has worked for WSM for well over 5 years now.

This new step by step process made my salon business run smoother, we still had staffing issues, but nothing like before. They ALL knew from day 1 what was expected of them and what would not be tolerated, they were all taught HOW we do it here.


EVERYTHING from opening up, to answering a call, handling a complaint, each treatment delivery and explanation.How to upgrade. Options to upgrade.

I remember thinking when I was starting out, having my own business would be great.

FINALLY, it was!

We managed to take it from 2,500 a MONTH to an average $17,000 a week, with a great week being $23,000. Honest truth!

JUST doing 3 services – eyelash extensions, fat cavitation and laser lipo


I had a full time receptionist, 7/8 staff. I was actually forced off the tools by hurting my hand, so my salon was then run completely under management. We were even able to leave the country for several months and moved to Canada for our youngest child to attend a specialist program. We loved it there so much we then sold salon for a nice sum and stayed for 2 years in Canada.


Coming soon is the systemised salon templates for you~!


If you really want to make the change, it IS possible. I am proof it CAN change.


Here are a few ways for us to help you:


  • Join CAS (Client Attraction System) with Done-For-You marketing templates and soon we will be offering you our Marketing Business school!


  • Get your instant download here to the manual I often reference that changed my life, you will even see some of my ad examples.



  • One on one coaching calls with me helping you step it all out! Just reply to this email asking for help!


Here’s to salon success and kicking ass!



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