The pandemic lockdown has paralyzed thousands of salon business owners. Like deer in the headlights, many are frozen into inaction.

But for some, the threat to business survival has galvanized them into ACTION stations.

Like Lisa van Dyk of Gloss Beauty in New Zealand. Lisa is a long time Member of our Client Attraction System and digital marketing services.

With two days’ notice of New Zealand’s impending lockdown – one of the most severe ‘flatten the curve’ countries in the world – Lisa and her team pulled the trigger on a short but incredibly intense drive to sell as much retail product as they could in just 48 hours.

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You can treat the lockdown one of two ways –

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hi, Greg Milner here, the salon marketing guy, the guy who makes salon phones ring even in these tough times, it is possible to make heaps of money. Imagine this selling retail, like it’s going out of style. Here’s exactly how Lisa van Dyke of Gloss Beauty in New Zealand did it, $16,000 in just two days. Would that help your cashflow? Here she is

Speaker 2 (00:22):

So we were having a financial year product retail sale which wasn’t supposed to have been actually launched, um, until after we were actually put into lockdown, but we brought it forward. Um, so we literally only had two days of trading as such, and it was you buy two products, you get a third product for $25, and we sold over $16,000 worth of product in those two days that were literally just retail days and purely for finding clients. Um, ones that were also coming in and only maybe buying one or two products, we told them, you know, if they get an extra one, they’re only paying $25 for it anyway. So yeah, and I would three, four plus products and he had just pint stocking up because they knew they weren’t going to be able to access for however long.

Speaker 1 (01:12):

So how did you reach out to clients?

Speaker 2 (01:15):

Hold them. Yep. Um, I think we had one email that went out and we maybe had one post that made it live on social media. Um, but it was purely through, we probably rang, I don’t know, a hundred plus clients. Um, yeah, just saying that’s what it was.

Speaker 1 (01:38):

And you did $16,000 in sales in two days from a hundred or so clients.

Speaker 2 (01:43):

So I think like if we possibly hadn’t had that before lockdown, we would be in a lot worse position. So just a little bit.

Speaker 1 (01:52):

So you can treat the lockdown in one of two ways. You can say, woe is me and sit on your hands and do nothing. Or you can take some massive action and make some money. If that’s what you want to do, then click on the link to the client attraction system below the video. And, uh, that gives you all the tools you need to actually turn this into a success. If you’re woe is me, then you’ve probably got no place watching this video. See you soon.