Hair Salon Website Template Free For NZ Salon Superstar of the Week – Lynda Moodley of Lynnel’s Hair Studio, Manukau

This week I got a very excited phone call from one of our Inner Circle members, Lynda Moodley of Lynnel’s Hair Studio in Manukau.  Lynda placed an advertorial in her local Manukau Courier and the phone has been ringing red hot ever since!

Prior to being an Inner Circle member Lynda was your typical salon owner, chasing a dream to have a salon bustling with customers and money flooding out of the till, whereas in reality her dream was dragging her down and the only thing flooding in, were bills, bills and more bills.

And as I say to new inner circle members, joining the program doesn’t instantly qualify you for a salon full of customers and bags and bags of cash.  No, you still actually have to put the work in to make that happen, which is exactly what Lynda has been doing day after day, week after week, month after month.  And it is this MASSIVE ACTION that has seen her salon grow consistently each month, employ her first staff members and become the leading retailer in South Auckland for her product range.

Lynda Moodley Pic

Lynda Moodley Owner of Lynnel’s Hair Studio, Manukau

Since joining the Inner Circle program in 2009 she has seen her rate of new clients increase each month.  In October she had 35 new clients, in November she had 46 new clients and in December she had 47 new clients.  And I think it is fair to say that with her advertorial in January she will be breaking some more records this month….

Editorials and adverts (advertorials) are a fantastic way to promote your salon and more often than not will result in a much higher response rate than just an advert alone. It is a way to tell people a bit more about your salon and make them feel like they already know and trust you before they walk through your doors or call you.

If you are thinking about advertising in your local paper it pays to ask them (especially if you are a new advertiser) if you can have some editorial with your advert.  Sometimes they will give you this for free in the hope of you advertising more with them in the future.  Alternatively some papers will want you to lock in to a contract for x amount of adverts before they give you editorial space.

Lynda ran a 10 week advertising campaign with the paper.  The first 9 adverts did not include editorial and the response rate was 2 – 3 bookings per ad.  The advertorial in week 10 generated 27 phone enquiries, 15 bookings (12 of which were new clients) and an immediate income of $896.

Each new client would be worth on average $1000 per annum to Lynda, so the advertorial has potentially increased her annual turnover by $12,000.

Needless to say Lynda has found out what works best for her salon and will continue to run an advertorial column each month.

Members, click here to see Lynda’s editorial

And here’s what Lynda has to say about being an Inner Circle member…

“On many occasions I would sit in my quiet salon and think what on earth am I doing chasing a dream but there’s so much stress. I needed to be able to talk to others that are in my industry and understand exactly where I’m coming from and yes the inner circle program provides just that and definitely much much more.

Being a member of the inner circle program has decreased the stress level in my life in terms of marketing, gone are those days of sitting hours and hours in front of the computer screen and trying to figure out where to start with an advert.  By being a member of the program we as a salon on average are doing 20-25 new clients in a month. October this year we did a record of 35 new clients and we have just broken that record again with 46 new clients in November.

My coaching calls are definitely my favourite. I am always excited to talk to Chris because I know even if I have had a low month he’s always there to encourage me and get me motivated. The other aspect of the program that I enjoy is the fact that everything is done for me all I have to do is just change my details and off goes the marketing.

Our most successful campaign that seems to work for us is the Hollywood Woman’s Hair Package. Every month we put out at least 2000 flyers and on average we get a return of 15-20 new clients taking up this offer and definitely topping that with retail sales.

According to my supplier Lynnels retails more products that any other salon that they supply in South Auckland

I spend at least 5-7 hours if not more on marketing each week. Just about every chance I get I’m in front of my computer going through the kit and getting an advert sorted.”

And all of Lynda’s hard work hasn’t gone un-noticed by her husband too….

“Well, my precious husband sees all hard work I have been putting into my business as well as still being a mummy and a wife so he decided to honour me and buy me my dream car. I drive it very proudly with my salon magnets on both sides of my car which includes a $99 offer and frequently I notice people at the lights or round abouts reading my magnet.

Lynda BMW

Check out Lynda’s new BMW!!!

My goal is to be DEBT FREE, to be full time off the floor and definitely expansion in terms of employing staff. We have just employed another hairdresser because I cannot carry the work load on my own.

And my advice to people who are thinking about joining the Inner Circle program is ‘DON’T HESITATE. You have nothing to lose. If you are looking at closing the doors to your business don’t do it the inner circle program has the answers you are looking for and the mentors are amazing.  If you shut the doors to your business you probably will lose the very thing that can catapult you right into your financial freedom. Give the program a try, you have everything to gain.”

Well done Lynda, you really deserve these fantastic results from all the hard work you are putting in….keep it up!!