Salon Web Template: Do You Insist The World is Flat?

Funny title, serious message for business owners

Funny title, serious message for business owners

Salon Web Template: Do You Insist The World is Flat?

If you own your own business, this is for you.

Every so often, we get a complaint from a Member, like this one: “We have purchased all of your marketing material about one month and a half ago. We are NOT HAPPY….(I just wanted to) let you know of my disappointment with the marketing so far…”

These do become tiring, particularly in light of overwhelming evidence from literally hundreds of salons & spas all over the world who are using the very same marketing system, and achieving documented – and in many cases, truly spectacular – results.

To verify this, you need only browse around this website. Go look under Salon Superstars. These are real owners of real salons & spas, all over the world, all of them using the Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit® containing exactly the same Direct Response marketing and advertising templates for flyers, letters and ads, and the ‘sales thinking’ that goes behind them.

Dan Kennedy - brutal, but accurate

Dan Kennedy – brutal, but accurate

So what is the difference? Idly, I was reading through a little booklet by Dan Kennedy. It’s called

“Why Do I Always Have to Sit Next to the Farting Cat”

but the whimsical title is just an eye-catching headline for a very serious, hard-nosed and instructive essay on why a few people achieve success when the vast majority don’t.

So I quote Kennedy here, as answer at least in part to the complainers:

“If you own your own business, there’s a pretty good chance you also own some of my marketing courses, and/or own a marketing system put out by someone I’ve influenced.

If you own a Marketing System specific to an inudstry, odds are it’s been put into your hands by somebody who I work with. I’m familiar withi the system you have. And I have something important to tell you about it.

The first thing you should know – “it” works. Each of these industry advisors have thousands of business owners who can testify to that. Questioning the efficacy of these Systems is like insisting the world is flat. The time for such an argument has long since passed. These leaders and their Systems are proven.

So the second thing to know is – it’s about you, not ‘it’.

I remember being at one of Joe Polish’s boot camps for carpet cleaners, and listening as a carpet cleaner went on and on about how nothing of Joe’s he tried worked because all his customers were cheapskates and everybody in his town bought only based on the cheapest price. Finally, I stopped him. I asked if there was a shopping mall in town. When he said yes, I wondered out loud how that could be.

If everybody there only bought by cheapest price, the only store there would be a Wal-Mart. You see, insisting that everybody buys by the cheapest price is stupid. (And, incidentally, fewer than 10% of customers buy that way, unless offered no other basis for making a decision.) Then I pointed out to him: he chose his customers. He did certain things to attract them. If they were all cheapskates, his fault.

I find a lot of people fail to get the results they should, that others get, for one or more of these reasons. One, they don’t actually use the Systems as instructed. They fool around with it, use pieces of it, change it.

Two, other aspects of their businesses are so screwed up, marketing that brings more customers in the door is futile.

Three, they are self-defeating whiners and complainers. There is an intangible to business, and that is attitude.

Fourth, they never do much of anything. If they start, they don’t follow through.

So I want to tell you again, questioning the efficacy of these Systems is like insisting the world is flat. The time for such argument has long since passed.”

There’s a saying. A poor carpenter blames his tools. I’m here to tell you, you own extraordinary tools.”

Amen. And by the way, I’ve just ordered a whole truckload of those little books from Dan’s printer in the States. Our Inner Circle members will each get a copy, free.

If you are NOT yet an Inner Circle member, you do NOT yet have the Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit®,  you are fighting a lonely battle devoid of the right knowledge, useful tools, with both arms tied behind your back, re-inventing the wheel every day, probably doing it the same way you’ve always done it, probably getting the same lackluster results you’ve always got.

You CAN change this, by applying for a 30-day Test Drive of the toolkit and the entire Inner Circle marketing & mentoring system.

Salon Marketing Tips: “I took an extra $9,500 in the next 72 hours!”

 Salon Marketing Tips: “I took an extra $9,500 in the next 72 hours!”

Yes, the tortoise WILL get there...eventually. But you don't have to do it at a crawl.

Yes, the tortoise WILL get there…eventually. But you don’t have to do it at a crawl.

Being part of the Inner Circle program and using the tools and strategies in the Toolkit is NOT a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. It does take work.

But there’s nothing inherently good about ‘getting rich slow’ either.

It’s always a mystery to me how it is that despite having exactly the same tools and support, the speed at which some Members implement those tools and strategies – and therefore the speed at which they reap the rewards – varies so greatly. Some leave the Toolkit sitting on their shelf, or tucked away under the reception desk, for months before actually bringing it out and using it. (One member recently told me that it was a full year before she actually got off her backside and put the ads, flyers and letters to work…lo and behond, in the next 12 months she increased her salon’s takings by a full $109,000 over the previous 12 months!)

But others do it at warp speed. Just last week, salon owner Lidija Siskopoulos of Enigma for Hair (right here in my home town) was so excited about getting into the Inner Circle program she refused to wait till the courier delivered her Toolkit, she jumped in her car and drove to our office to collect it herself.

This week she told me

“I took an extra $9,500 in the next 72 hours!”

Lidija is clearly one who understands that success is about Massive Action.

In other words, that massive action paid for Lidija’s entire first year Membership of the Inner Circle program in a single swoop.Now, to dismiss Lidija’s story as a flash-in-the-pan, as something out of the ordinary and quite unachievable for the average salon owner is akin to insisting that the earth is flat, and that she must somehow have gotten ‘lucky’. Success is all about taking action… not just in one area, doing ONE thing, sending out a single flyer or placing a single ad, but doing many things, all at once, rapidly. And luck has nothing to do with it. It’s simply planning meets opportunity.
As you’ll see and hear in this video, recorded at our recent Inner Circle Members Only Closed Door Mastermind session after our Road to Riches seminar in Sydney last week, those salon & spa owners who combine action with the right tools (eg the Toolkit) get a disproportionately-large result compared with merely putting the same amount of effort into just ‘doing the thing’ eg cutting more hair or applying more facials.


Worldwide Salon Marketing: Hard to find Staff? Here’s how to get a flood of applications…

Worldwide Salon Marketing: Hard to find Staff? Here’s how to get a flood of applications…

Peter Drucker is widely recognised as the world’s most famous business consultant, who declared that “Because its purpose is to create a customer, a business has two and only two functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results. All the rest are costs.”

Which is perfectly true, and in the beauty business, one of those costs is unavoidable; staff to deliver the innovation (or service) to the customers your marketing is bringing in.

Aside from marketing issues, finding the right staff is by far the biggest challenge facing 99% of salon owners. Which is why we developed a unique way to at least partly solve that challenge, and it’s brilliantly successful.

The Worldwide Salon Marketing Staff Finder Service

RachaelDAguiar1.jpg“We’ve used this method twice… both times, we had inquiries from prospective staff members within minutes of placing the ad. In fact the first time we used it, we had no fewer than 47 applications within two weeks, and hired two fantastic new team members right off the bat!” says Rachael D’Aguiar of D’Aguiar’s Hair.Skin.Nails in Auckland, NZ

And this works no matter where you are in the world. (And it’s FREE for Inner Circle members.) Here’s how it happens…

Step #1: you download a Free Report in Word format. The report is titled

“The Crucial Questions You MUST Ask – and the Answers You Need – Before You Sign Up for Any New Job.”

Step #2: You modify the report to suit your salon, and email it back to us.

Step #3: We upload the report to a special web page we create for you.

Step #4: You run a classified ad in the employment section of your local paper, and/or online. This ad (we give you the wording) directs prospective staff to the website where they can enter their name and contact number, and only then download your Free Report.

Step #5: You get an instant email with that person’s contact details.

Bingo! You’ve instantly captured the names and contact details of anybody who is obviously wanting a change of job!

We provide this service free for Inner Circle members. Non-members pay $329 and they can run the ad for as long as a month.


Inner Circle members: email Karan in our office karan @ and he’ll organise it all for you, free.

Non-Members: call our office to inquire about pricing. Australia: 08 9381 6621, USA 602.490.0637.