Okay, you’ve got a website for your salon or spa business. Excellent. Can’t be in business these days without at least one. But maintaining a website, keeping it updated with fresh content, keeping it on Google’s radar so it gets to the top of search rankings and stays there…well, that’s a whole different story.

Unless you’re easily found in local searches for your products and/or services, your website may as well be sitting in the middle of the Simpson Desert. And one of the most crucial ingredients for lifting a website up the rankings is….new and frequently updated content. But for the average salon or spa owner, maintaining and updating a website with fresh content is beyond them.

You’re not trained as a writer. You don’t have the technical skills. And more than anything, you don’t have the time.

So, what to do? At Worldwide Salon Marketing, we’ve come up with a solution that not only keeps your website updated regularly with fresh, readable, relevant content, it does your social media updating for you as well.

Watch this brief video as our Director of Online, George Slater explains what happens:


Says Sydney salon owner and long-term WSM Member Lesley Morgan-Wesson:

“THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you all so much for being innovative, forward-thinking and excellent at your jobs… in a world of mediocrity, spin and under-performance you guys ROCK! Kind regards, Lesley.”

The website/social media updating system detailed by George in this video is now an integral part of our complete online and offline marketing program for salons & spas, My Social Salon.

CHECK OUT ‘MY SOCIAL SALON’ HERE – and if you’re sick and tired of trying to do everything, all by yourself, apply for a No Contracts WSM membership, and watch your sales climb steadily upwards!