How to Market a Barber Shop

John Abbott of Abbotts Barber Shop in Brisbane 

Over the years I’ve had many business owners come to me for marketing guidance and ask “give me a way to find a hundred new customers” or words to that effect.
And I always tell them “There is no ONE way to get a hundred new customers. There’s a hundred ways to get ONE new customer, and you’ve gotta use all of ’em.”
Having said that, if there was one piece of advice that stands out above all others, it comes down to taking Massive Action.
Like John Abbott, a member of my Private Client consulting group. John owns a traditional, old-style barber shop (opened in 1935) in the suburbs of Brisbane. His sales were falling dramatically, down 17% year on year.
So we put together a plan, and to his credit, John got out of his comfort zone and took the action required. Here’s how he describes the results…

[VIDEO] How to Make Selling in the Salon EASY

Interview with Marnie Kallmeyer, host of Salon Mavens with Marnie Kallmeyer on Facebook.

Selling retail in the salon frightens many hair & beauty professionals. But in this interview, Marnie dispels the myths and nonsense around selling salon retail – – or services, for that matter – and says it all comes down to two crucial phrases.

“Selling doesn’t have to be a dirty word, like a sleazy car salesman,” says Marnie. “It’s about telling – the more is told, the more is sold.”

Rich Salon Owner Podcast #20 – Selling in Your Salon Made EASY – with Marnie Kallmeyer

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Think ‘selling’ is a dirty word? You’re no orphan, many small business owners a terrified of appearing to be ‘pushy’ or ‘salesy’.

But in this week’s Rich Salon Owner Podcast, I’m talking with a salon owner who discovered the ‘selling secrets’ that literally quadrupled sales of her products and services.

My colleague Marnie Kallmeyer was afraid of the whole act of selling – until she realised a couple of ‘Super Truths’.

In this podcast, listen in to Marnie as she reveals

  • How a simple change of mindset changed her sales almost overnight.
  • What she said to her staff to get them selling more effectively
  • How a simple, single sentence made all the difference.

Show Notes: 

Join Marnie’s free guidance group on Facebook, Salon Mavens with Marnie Kallmeyer here

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Rich Salon Owner Podcast #19 – Got a nasty review of your salon? Here’s what to do!

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All salon owners fear a bad online review – and every business gets them from time to time. They can be extremely damaging for a business, and difficult to get removed. In today’s podcast, Greg talks to social media specialist and university lecturer Dr Catherine Archer of Murdoch University as she details the steps any salon owner can take to minimize the damage.

Show notes: 

  • How to keep tabs on your online reviews
  • What to do first if you get a bad one
  • What is defamation, and how to tell if you’ve been defamed.


The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission provides a comprehensive guide to handling online reviews here:

Podcast #18 – the ‘Big Three’ of ALL Salon Marketing

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Confused about how to market your hair or beauty business? In this episode of the Rich Salon Owner podcast, WSM founder Greg Milner coaches Illinois salon owner Ginean Jackson on the ‘Sales Thinking’ required to clarify what counts in any form of marketing.

Show Notes:

  • How everything in marketing comes under The ‘Big Three’ headings – Target Market, Message, Media
  • Why it’s important to be ‘visible’
  • How to be found by prospects searching for your services
  • What you need to know – and what you can safely ignore – about technology


In this Podcast, Greg refers to the industry-standard direct response marketing manual for hair & beauty salons, Simple Salon Marketing. Get an instant download of Simple Salon Marketing here: