[VIDEO] How to sell salon memberships – for cash up-front!

Anita ClementsAsking clients for cash up-front puts the fear of god into many salon owners – but not for Anita Clements of Twisted Desire in Corinda, a suburb of Brisbane. Using marketing templates she simply downloaded from the Worldwide Salon Marketing Million Dollar Resources Library, and some guidance on how to use them, Anita planned and executed a Membership drive that netted $9,200 in up-front sales – in two days, from just a handful of her many hundreds of regular clients.

In this video, Anita explains exactly how she did it, and followed it up a day later with a VIP ‘Blonde Night’ that attracted 30 clients brought in another $3,000 in bookings and product sales. (It’s salon marketing like this that’s helped Anita get ‘off the tools’ and work on the business instead of in it.)

(Note to Worldwide Salon Marketing Members: go here to the Members Library to download the actual marketing pieces Anita used to achieve this excellent result.)

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The Salon Business – at least your clients don’t HATE you!

It can only be the money. I can’t for the life of me imagine what else could possibly be attractive about running a business like a bank, where an entire army of customers almost universally loathe you.

I actually feel a bit sorry for the banks. The fact that they’re in business to make a profit – just like every other business – appears lost on media and government, who relish in taking a shot at this soft target every time interest rates hi the news. Pity nobody in the banking industry has the balls to stand up and say ‘Hey, wait a minute, we’re a business not a charity, it’s our job to make money…!’

(Isn’t it funny how most bank customers moan bitterly every time their mortgage rate goes up, complain about the ‘greed’ of big business when the banks publish their billion-dollar profits – but don’t twig that their own retirement savings are heavily invested in bank shares.)

But that other public whipping boy – the airlines – deserve every dose of doggy doo thrown at them. Dumber than a bagful of hammers, for years they’ve competed with each other on little more than price, a strategy that – in any business – can only lead to death.

According to figures from the US Bureau of Transportation, US airlines collectively lost only about $145 million in the last quarter of 2012, compared with $602 million in the corresponding period the previous year. For some years now, they’ve been fighting back with an almost-universally despised trick of ‘un-bundling’ air fares so that passengers have to pay extra for things that have traditionally been included in the price of a ticket.

More and more airlines are charging an average of $25 to check in a bag. Several will slug you an extra $8 for a blanket. It’s now common for cut-price airlines to charge extra for exit-row seats which provide a bit more room for tall passengers.

Airlines are beginning to charge extra for what was previously part of the deal – like $8 for a blanket. Oh well, at least you get to keep the blanket….

After years of cutting their own throats by discounting, these big dumb companies have suddenly realized they need to make money. But the way they’re doing it smacks of desperation, and worse, complete ignorance about the concept of adding value, packaging, differentiation and giving themselves an ‘unfair advantage’ over the competition without discounting.

Salon owners who are Members of Worldwide Salon Markeitng could give the airlines a much-needed lesson in such market-making processes.

In Australia, I fly Qantas exclusively. Of all the competing airlines, Qantas is regularly the most expensive carrier. That’s why I fly with them. The food is free, and good quality – even in Economy Class – unlike the inedible trash on US domestic airlines. There are no extra charges for blankets, checked baggage, headsets, movies or anything else. On many flights, even beer and wine is free in Economy. It’s all included in the price.

Where even a profitable airline like Qantas falls down is in its failure to capitalize on this competitive advantage. They still attempt to compete on price alone, too timid to shout from the rooftops

“Hey, we’re the most expensive – but there are no hidden charges, sneaky extras or nasty surprises when you get to the airport. When you buy a Qantas ticket, everything is included in the price!”

Here’s what’s instructive for your salon business:

Take a lesson from bumbling mistakes of the airlines. Instead of constantly trying to compete with rivals on price (discounting), figure out a way to package your services. Don’t allow your customers to ‘cherry pick’ your treatment menu on price alone. By learning to package – as our member salons have done using the templates and tools in the Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit® you’ll find yourself attracting customers who are more interested in value than mere price, want service above perceived (often phantom) savings, and are prepared to pay for it.

Salon Marketing Online – How to Completely Dominate Your Local Market

Salon owner and WSM member Cherie Underwood is a passionate convert to the power of her salon’s online presence to attract customers

There are many ways to dominate any given market in the salon & spa industry. You can have product dominance, when your product or service is the only such product or service in your area. You can have demographic dominance, where more people in any given demographic come to your salon as against all the competition.

And you can have media dominance, where your marketing message gets the lion’s share of any given media in that particular market.

My Social Salon – gives your salon the power of Media Dominance

Here’s an example of Media Dominance that most salon owners would give their right arm for. In Jannali, in the southern suburbs of Sydney, long-time Worldwide Salon Marketing member Cherie Underwood has owned Femme Fatale Beauty & Skin Care for a number of years. Several years ago WSM constructed a website for Cherie, which quickly became the top-ranked website for relevant search terms in her area. Last year, we built her another website – because it’s better to have two, three, ten websites than just one. A quick Google search for ‘beauty salon Jannali’ now brings up the following results on Page One of Google: salon_website When you analyze it, there are a number of things worth pointing out here: 1) Cherie’s original website, www.femmefatalebeauty.com.au, is the very first result on Page One. 2) One of the pages from that website is listed at No. 2 3) The YouTube video we set up for Cheri on her own YouTube channel is listed at No. 3 – important because about 30% of all online searches are for videos. Note that the link to the video contains her salon’s phone number; important because getting a phone call to book an appointment is certainly her Most Wanted Response 4) Cherie’s salon is listed at the very top of Google’s map listings for salons in Jannali. Here’s another example of Media Domination online. In Manly (Sydney) the competition among cosmetic clinics is fierce. But WSM member Alice Cassidy of Manly Cosmetic & Laser Clinic is enjoying marketplace dominance on the world’s biggest search engine thanks in large part to the ‘secret sauce’ SEO strategies our Director of Online, George Slater and his team inject into the websites we build for members. High up on the first page of Google search – for the search phrase ‘botox manly’ – Alice’s business occupies no fewer than four of the top five positions. salon-websites The point is this: a combination of time, careful construction, frequent website updating, and an understanding of what it takes has given Cherie media dominance of her market. By achieving the top four spots on search listings, Cherie’s business has automatically reduced the amount of her competition her prospective customers can find. You simply can’t do it any better than that.

Want that kind of media dominance?

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FREE No-Show Report That Will Save the Hair and Beauty Industry Millions of Dollars Each Year – Available NOW!

If you are part of the statistic that shows Australia and New Zealand salons lose an estimated $423 million per annum (ouch!) in customer no-shows then you will want to read this report.

Stop banging your head against a wall because there are solutions to the problem. In this 15-page in depth report you will find:

  • The You and Us – A Beautiful Partnership’ letter, laying down the ground rules and expectations between the salon and customer from the word ‘GO!’
  • The actual words you and your staff can use to communicate your salons cancellation policy effectively and confidently to a customer.
  • And some great advice on the best ways to remind your customers about their appointments so they don’t forget.

Plus the report also shares our complete findings from the survey.

And the report is already proving to be a HIT with salons who have read it so far, like Trish House from Esthetica in Dargaville, NZ…

“Hi Chris

I just want to say how much I appreciate the help with reducing No-Shows in our clinic. This is something I’ve been “meaning to get to” for ages but just haven’t sat down and nutted out a strategy for it. I finally got the facility for accepting credit card payment over the phone last month, and now with the report I have the impetous and direction to implement this policy properly once and for all!”

The No-show report is available now on the Salon Finder App website.  To claim your FREE copy of the report it’s quite simple.

Firstclick here or visit www.salonfinderapp.com
Second, either register if it’s your first time here, or log back in if you are a returning user.
Third, once registered and logged in you will see the report on the left hand side of screen, you can click on it to download.

I hope this report goes someway to helping you reduce costly no-shows!

Chris D’Aguiar-Sanders
+64 9 476 1592
0800 029 668 (Within NZ)

P.s Industry groups Worldwide Salon Marketing, The Salon Staff Coach and Salon Finder App collaborated to bring you this ‘money-saving’ report.

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NZ Musician and WSM Director Chris Sanders, Touring Salons To Help Women with Cancer

Stadiums, town halls, pubs.  They’re your traditional music venues.  But salons?

Well, for NZ singer-songwriter Chris Sanders, he is about to embark on what could be called the world’s most unique music tour ever.  A tour of salons, and it’s all in the name of a good cause, women’s cancer support network ‘Look Good, Feel Better’. 

The Six date ‘You Beauty Salon Tour’ starting on May 17, will see Chris perform songs from his debut EP ‘Home Away From Home’ and material from his new album to be released later in 2013.

A veteran of over 1600 gigs, Chris (35) who has supported artists like Tim Finn, Dave Dobbyn and Anika Moa, will be donating ALL sales from his EP through iTunes to ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ throughout May.

Download this music and help it rank in the digital music charts and really raise awareness for these women who are living with cancer.

You can click here now to download songs from the EP ‘Home Away From Home’ with all money going to Look Good, Feel Better or click on the image below

All Sales of Chris’ EP ‘Home Away From Home’ will be donated to Look Good Feel Better, from now until May 31st 2013

With his other hat on, he is known within the salon business community as a ‘salon saviour’, having helped hundreds of salons from going out of business.  Think Tabatha, minus the swearing…

“It made sense for me to combine my musical gift and connection with the salon industry, to help an organisation that supports women with cancer restore and enhance their appearance before and after treatment” says Chris. “And as a former salon owner, I saw first hand how a good doll up can help the self esteem and confidence of our clients who were battling cancer.”

In addition to Chris donating all his iTunes sales, each salon on the tour is running an Exclusive Customer VIP night with fund raising activities, hair and beauty demos, special one night only offers and giveaways.

And Salon Finder iPhone & iPad app will also be donating 10c from every download of its FREE app throughout May as well.

Since 1992 Look Good Feel Better has run beauty workshops for New Zealand women to help them cope with the physical side effects of cancer treatment, such as drying flaking skin, hair loss and pigmentation changes, and will help more than 3000 women in 2013.

“We are incredibly excited to be a part of this very unique salon music tour and we really encourage people to download Chris’ music and attend one of the ‘You Beauty Tour’ events to help build awareness of our cause” says Look Good, Feel Better General Manager Yvonne Brownlie. “It means more women will find out about the support that is available to them or a friend who is dealing with cancer”. 

Click here to download the EP ‘Home Away From Home’ NOW with ALL sales going to Look Good Feel Better

Or scan the QR code below to download now







May 17 – Gloss Beauty Boutique, Matamata

May 23 – DeFontein (Ladies Night), Mission Bay, Auckland

May 24 – Vital Results Skin & Body, Tauranga

May 25 – Depost (Ladies Night), Mt Eden, Auckland

May 29 – Face & Body, Titirangi, Auckland

May 31 – Body Divine, Kerikeri

Follow the tour on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/chrissandersmusic/

Or on Twitter www.twitter.com/@salonapps

For more information contact Chris Sanders on +64 9 476 1592 or email chris@worldwidesalonmarketing.com

New Video: How Bec Woodage increased profits by 1000% – AFTER her salon burned down!

WSM member Bec Woodage started with nothing two years ago – and built her business by over 1000% with the tools and education she obtained as a Member

Investing in your salon business isn’t just about buying equipment, stocking with products and paying staff. If that’s all it took, any fool could make serious money in a salon or spa, instead of only 5% that do.

One of those 5% is Rebecca Woodage, the young owner of Perfection in Beauty in Sydney. When Bec joined Worldwide Salon Marketing, she’d just returned from an overseas holiday and purchased the salon she’d worked in for several years as a beauty therapist. All went well – until the salon burned down 6 weeks later.

Bec attended one of our seminars, but as she describes in this video below, was too afraid to sign up for the company’s marketing & mentoring program (and the Simple Salon Marketing manual) because “I just couldn’t afford it.”

But she bit the bullet a month later…within two years, her business had grown a massive 1000%. Her story is a classic case of investing in her business education, combined with persistence and dedicated implementation of her new-found knowledge.