[NEW VIDEO] How to Advertise on Facebook

If you’re not a geek, navigating the ‘back-end’ of Facebook’s advertising portal is enough to have you tearing your own hair out. 

Worse, Facebook keeps changing things, just as you get used to it. And you can spend frustrating hours just trying to work out what the heck they’ve done!

So many small business owners throw their hands in the air and give up. Or worse, just throw money at it, hoping some of it sticks.

Posts on your business page are now being shown to fewer people. Unless you boost them.

But how to do that effectively and efficiently, to ONLY the right target market, can be confusing. In this video, Worldwide Salon Marketing social media specialist Samantha Buckley walks you through exactly what to do to make every dollar you spend count.

It’s one thing boosting a post to as many people as you can. 

BUT it’s better to boost a post to people who are more likely to respond. 

And those people tend to be people like your clients, their friends, family and people with similar interests. 

How to do that? In the second video, Sam reveals how to import your own list of clients into Facebook…

After watching that, is social media marketing STILL doing your head in? 

Thankfully, you CAN get it all done for you. Regular daily posting, monthly special promotions, even specialised Google, Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. 

Sam and her team do the lot. Click the button below to find out more, and call Sam on +61-8-94439327. 

Greg Milner, Founder, Worldwide Salon Marketing
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How to Get 50 New Salon Clients a Month with Online Ads

How to Get 50 New Salon Clients a Month with Online Ads

How to get dozens of new clients for your salon or spa every month using digital advertising

Any salon owner can throw money at Facebook and Google advertising. Many do, in a haphazard way, hoping that “some of the mud sticks.”

But it takes some careful “Sales Thinking” and technical skill to avoid wasting that money, and a lot of time. It’s often a mistake to ask one ad to do all the ‘heavy lifting’ – in other words, asking an ad to bring instant sales straight off the bat.

Advertising a salon’s services isn’t like selling something generic, like a fridge, or a microwave oven. Everybody is familiar with those products, but for personal services? Not so much.

So it’s often better for a salon to use digital advertising to ‘raise leads’ and then up-sell to those prospective customers and clients, rather than try to sell a big-ticket service to them up-front.

Wafaa Karim, owner of Sydney’s Cronulla Skin Sanctuary, needed more clients for her new tattoo removal machine.

So with Worldwide Salon Marketing’s help, Wafaa crafted an offer designed to raise leads.

Facebook ads for salons &s

Wafaa Krim (right) and her team at Cronulla Skin Sanctuary

Here’s what happened: 

1) First, we designed and built a landing page to take traffic from advertising on Facebook. The landing page looks like this…

Landing page for salon Facebook advertising

Here’s a link to that landing page. 

2) Second, we wrote and designed a series of half a dozen ads for testing a Facebook campaign to direct prospective clients to the offer on that landing page. Wafaa’s daily advertising budget was spread evenly across all of the ads. Each ad contained the same text above the image or video. Over a 14-day period, we monitored the relative costs versus the clicks each of those ads produced.

The data eventually showed us that one particular ad was producing the best ‘click-through-rate’ at the lowest cost. So we concentrated Wafaa’s chosen daily budget into that one ad. The ad looks like this:

Facebook advertising for salons &s
That ad campaign – albeit interrupted mid-term by Covid-19 lockdowns – has now been running for several months. In july 2020 alone, it produced no fewer than 58 ‘conversions’. That’s a measure of the number of people who saw the ad, clicked through to the landing page, and filled in the “Yes, Pick Me” form on the page.

That’s a conversion rate of nearly 10%, a huge figure in comparison with the worldwide average for Facebook ads.

(That figure does not include people who saw the ad and instead of filling in the form, picked up the phone and called the salon to make a booking.)

Here’s a graph of those landing page opt-ins for the month of July: 


Facebook advertising graph for salons
It’s made Wafaa Karim a very happy salon owner: 


Online advertising for salons &s
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