Your salon and the Gordon Ramsay factor

Your salon and the Gordon Ramsay factor

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Marnie here, 
The other night I was flicking through the TV channels and found yet another re-run of Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell’s Kitchen.” 
Whenever I watch Gordon Ramsay tearing the throat out of a hapless head chef or muddle-headed restaurant owner, I wish I was in the food business.
Every restaurateur with even half a brain must surely be spending at least part of every working day down on bended knee, giving heartfelt thanks for the f***ing marketing opportunity this foul-mouthed and charismatic Brit has provided.
What Ramsay has done is focus the attention of millions of restaurant-goers on the stuff most restaurants would hate them to know – what goes on in the kitchen!
And for the smart ones, that spells opportunity. 
Now, what has this got to do with a salon business? Think outside the square for a moment. 
Here’s how I would use the ‘Ramsay Factor’ in my restaurant business.
First, I would identify what it is about restaurants that – thanks to Ramsay’s TV show – makes people lie awake at 3am, staring at the ceiling….and thanks to Ramsay, that’s pretty easy. 
Has the food been prepared days earlier? Is the kitchen crawling with cockroaches? Do the chefs wash their hands every time they go to the bathroom? Are the ingredients fresh? Is there mold growing over the food?  
THEN…I would create a new marketing message, based on those fears and anxieties. 
The DUMB thing would be to attempt to bury your head in the sand and ignore the Ramsay factor. In fact, I would HIGHLIGHT the negatives, and turn them into positives. For example, a promotion like this: 


Can you see how that statement would set my restaurant apart from any of my competitors? This technique is called  

It does TWO clearly distinct things.
a) By capitalizing on highly-public information (people are already talking about Gordon Ramsay) it enters the conversation that’s already going on in your customers’ heads.
(…so you don’t have to interrupt what they’re thinking…you’re just joining in the conversation, and ‘leveraging’ off what’s currently water-cooler talk.)
b) It highlights the process. Most businesses assume their customers are only interested in the result, the final product.
But there is magic in the detail….there is MONEY in the story of how you deliver what your customers are buying.
Now, if you haven’t done so already, replace restaurant with salon. What can YOU do to tell the story of your process? – a story that addresses what your customers are fearful and anxious about when making a decision about whether to do business with you?
Are your products sourced using a suddenly rediscovered formula developed by primitive tribes in the steamy jungles of Burma?
Does one of your treatments originate from the desert rituals of Bedouin tribes in ancient Mesopotamia? (I’m exaggerating for effect, but you get the picture.)
There are tons of ways you can be telling your “behind the scenes” stories. 
* Instagram is a great platform for that. Photos and videos showing you and your team doing things like (for example) preparing color, or getting a treatment room ready, even such seemingly bland tasks as cleaning, give a sense of “making the invisible visible”. 
* Same can be said for Facebook…so much of what I see on these social media platforms is so “me-too”, just copying everything everyone else is doing. 
* On your YouTube Channel – quirky short videos that you can also use on social media. 
* On your own website (hint: just ‘re-purpose’ content you’ve used on the other platforms.) 
Speaking of your website, is it producing a CONSTANT, steady stream of new inquiries, bookings and leads for you? 
It should be, IF it’s been set up correctly. My team of specialists here at Worldwide Salon Marketing have built more than 500 websites for salons & spas all over the world, and they’ve identified THREE key factors that turn an ordinary website into a really extraordinary cash-generating machine. 
Here’s how to check yours out (for free) and see if it contains any errors that could be preventing it from sending you the flow of business you want. 
PLUS, you’ll get a FREE, comprehensive Audit Report from my team of technical & marketing experts (Valued at $295) on the simple changes you can make to get your website generating more business for you instantly. 
Be my guest, but please be quick!
My team can only do FIVE of these free diagnostic checks for my subscribers – each analysis takes at least two hours – so it’s first in, best dressed:-) 
I hope you can use some of the tips above…
Take care. 
How I Get More Salon Clients Than I Can Handle

How I Get More Salon Clients Than I Can Handle

Meet My Ugly But Very Efficient Sales Assistant:-) 

Marnie here, 
There was a time when I would go to work and stress out about not having enough clients. Now? 
I have too many!
So many in fact, I can’t fit them all in, and I’m constantly having to farm them out to my colleagues and students. 
In this post, I want to show you one of the “Key Client Attractors” that brings me a constant stream of new clients…
In my business, I specialize in lash extensions. It’s a narrow, deep and rich niche market (remember me talking in earlier blogs about the value of niche markets?).
I get a big proportion of my new clients from referrals, just like most salons & spas. That’s the way the beauty industry works, so I’m sure you get a lot of referrals too. 
Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing you can have. 
But it’s not ALL you need. In fact, there’s one form of marketing that’s my silent, unpaid sales person. 
And of all the client inquiries and bookings I get each and every week, fully 20% of them come from this unpaid sales person!
She works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, never gets sick, never takes vacations, never complains, has hair or doctor’s appointments, never gets emotional, and she doesn’t even have to come to my office. 
Okay, she’s not great at conversation, doesn’t have much of a personality, to be honest. But hey, I don’t care, she sends me more clients than I can handle, and that’s fine by me:-) 
But she’s brilliant at fighting off almost all of my competitors, and 
She looks like this: 
She’s my “Google My Business” website.
I work in a city of more than 2 million people. There are countless beauty businesses competing for lash extension clients all over the city.
If you Google “lash extensions Perth” you’ll find at least three pages of listings. But my business…even though I’m miles out of the city…is in the coveted “Big Three” position right at the top of the search results.
Why does that matter? 
Well, my techie team tell me that those top three listings get 91% of all the phone calls and website visits generated by that search. 
Which means that all my competitors – dozens and dozens of them – are sharing the remaining 9% of business between themselves. That’s pretty slim pickings!
Just last month alone, more than 180 people finding my Unattractive But Efficient Sales Assistant clicked through to my website. 
Add those inquiries and calls to all my referral business and client re-bookings, is there any wonder I’m so flat out I have to offload a heap of business to other lash specialists? 
How to Check Your Ugly Sales Assistant
Want to know how to find out where your ugly sales assistant is hiding? 
Here’s what to do: 
1) Open an “Incognito” window in Google Chrome (shift+control+N in Windows, Comand+Control+N on a Mac)
2) Search for a product or service that you sell, eg “hair stylist + your town”
3) If you’re in the Top Three, great. 
4) If you’re not, your Ugly Sales Assistant probably needs a good talking to:-) 
Need Help? 
How to stop staff stealing clients

How to stop staff stealing clients

Your comments welcome below:-)

Marnie here,
Every salon & spa owner fears the day when a long-serving staff member suddenly announces she’s leaving. Whether she makes it obvious or not, the instant fear is that she’ll take valuable clients with her!
If this has ever happened to you – or you fear it might – then you need to study this campaign closely. Because it just might not only save you a fortune, but actually make you money as well.
Tracey Orr (that’s Trace below) has been a Member of Worldwide Salon Marketing for more than 14 years and runs a very tight ship at her Absolute Beauty salon in Tasmania.


And, as the Commanding Officer, she takes absolutely no prisoners when it comes to protecting the only real asset her business owns – her clients.
A while back, two of Tracey’s nail technicians left to start their ‘own business’. Tracey wished them well – and then swung into action a well-planned, two-pronged attack designed not only to sabotage her former employees’ ambitions, but to actually profit from it.
It was breathtaking in its military precision.
Here’s how Tracey takes up the story… 
“Two of our nail techs left to start their own “nail business”.
“I wished them well, gave them some advice but…all is fair in love and business!
“So I put a plan in place to absolutely crush them in a nice way – after all they are now competition.
“We designed up an ad to target full sets of acrylics (new clients) as we knew this is the market they would initially be targeting.
“It was a basic ad to run over three weeks.  Not expensive, not large, but well designed.
“We also put the ad on our website.  We knew that the two techs that left would also be advertising.  We got a great response from the ads!  
“So far we have got 50 new clients that have already been in and another 25 future bookings.
“That’s 75 bookings so far.  We increased our other nail techs’ hours and one returned from maternity leave to pick up the extra clients and still keep our regulars.”

Discover all the essential elements of marketing your business so it can reach its full potential with the Client Attraction System 2.0

That was fantastic work by Tracey. But it gets better!
“Secondly, we did not want to lose regulars that had been going to these two nail techs here for the last two years.
“So we sent out a letter (using the tips from the Simple Salon Marketing manual) to all their clients informing them that Katee & Jess were leaving and what we were doing to make sure all of them, our lovely clients, were looked after.
“This took away the “fear” for clients about who was going to look after them.  This letter also contained a great offer if the clients pre-paid for their next 3 nail appointments.
“By us getting them to pre-pay we ensured that they would not follow the other two, even if they did nails for $5!
“It also ensured that the clients (who come once per month for nails) would still be here in at least 3 months… and then their past nail techs would be but a distant memory….
“We had 26 of their clients take us up on this offer (the letter was sent to their 68 best clients).
“Of the 26 clients to purchase their initial offer, 7 of them then went on to buy a Solitone Package worth $1330 so this was a huge added bonus.
“11 clients are yet to use their free stuff so we will get more ad on sales when they do. We run Beautyware here and so have been able to track the….wait for it…..loss of clients since Katee and Jess left – and it is a total of just 5!
“The rest our clients have just kept coming, I suspect because they know what and who is going to continue to look after them, the extras we offer like monthly specials, newsletters, all treatments, extended hours, our guarantee, our child free zone, general atmosphere, free parking etc etc….. and the fact that a week after Katee and Jess left we launched heaps of new and exciting nail goodies for them!”
Isn’t that a great success story!
I love it when I hear from members who have had success simply with a combination of Massive Imperfect Action and the right resources, tools and guidance:-)
Like this story from another Tasmanian member, Vivienne Bartle from Cinergee in Launceston, who followed precisely the exact system outlined in the Client Attraction System 2.0 for selling memberships to her clients…and brought in more than $21,000 in a few days!
What would it mean to you and your business if you could pull an instant cash injection of $20,000? 
Vivienne and Tracey’s stories are hardly unique. They’re among many salon & spa owners who ‘get it’, who simply follow a system and reap the rewards.
If you need help and have questions about any of this, please just hit the phone number below, and I or one of my team will be happy to talk you through it.
Until next time, xxoo
What I Wish I Knew (Part 2)

What I Wish I Knew (Part 2)

Marnie here…
As I discussed in my previous post, isn’t it interesting how our failures become our greatest teachers?

My biggest failures were the most shameful, isolating and downright revolting experiences of my life.

They were also my biggest lessons. I chose to LEARN from them. Every challenge that ever presented I chose to seek a lesson from.

I accidentally bought a little bit of a salon, but A LOT brothel that cost me my home and almost my marriage.
My most shameful, horrific failure experience ever!
Thankfully I was able to fire-sale the ‘salon’ (take whatever I could get to get out).

I’m all for learning, but seriously, failing isn’t fun and the lessons we learn are often difficult ones.

Late one night, in the 2am ‘wake up in the sweats’ moment – that I would not lose anymore, I was going to learn to do whatever I had to.

Something had to change and fast.

Two words would always make my eyes glaze over. They were 2 areas I knew nothing about and felt intimated but knew I had to learn about.

Marketing…and Systems!


Wouldn’t it be nice to get the same lesson and avoid the failure all together? If only I had been driven to learn about marketing and systems without that humiliating failure.
It occurred to me that surely there MUST be a way where I can inexpensively hire someone to do some marketing layouts for me, that I can use and re use whenever I wanted.
There must be someone who can systemise and monetise my salon. 
I searched high and low, found a few business coaches who all talked the same stuff and charge A LOT.
I tried a couple of them, but it was more fluff than effectiveness for me.
I managed to find all my answers in the company Worldwide Salon Marketing (WSM) whose entire business was on marketing / ad templates that I could just tweak to my salon details.
(Sadly I let their Simple Salon Marketing manual sit and collect dust for 9 months before I finally devoured it all in one night and implemented my first ad the next day!)

They had a lot of audio I could listen to and absorb as much information as I could on the mindset and psychology behind successful business, advertising, CUSTOMERS!

And none of it was ‘woe is me’ – it was all about being positive, in the face of your struggles, and TAKING action.

Not waiting for it to change… MAKING IT CHANGE!

I developed marketing strategies/steps taken when I did an ad campaign. What ones worked best, what wording worked best.

I learned how to ‘turn the tap on’, I learned how to put it all together to make money AND make customers happy. Finally our account was looking healthier and so was business.

We were MAKING money! Delightfully, somewhere in here our marriage recovered as well!

It gave me an incredible sense or relief and control of my business that I hadn’t ever felt before.

This amazing box of feelings only increased when I discovered Done-For-You templates for staff training, salon operations, and scripts became a BIG part of our business for everything.

(TIP: This amazing package for hair and beauty owners is available for instant download right here!)

.. and I really learned HOW to hire, HOW to fire.

HOW to train my staff so that they didn’t run the show – I DID!

Having my salon systemised and my marketing sorted, I devoured everything I could get my hands and eyes on!

You have no idea of the sense of FREEDOM all this knowledge and these tools gave me!

Another incredibly powerful marketing system I discovered was the huge power of…Google!

Yes, Google. Like lots of salon owners “of a certain age” I used to advertising heavily in the Yellow Pages. No more of course – because Google IS the new Yellow Pages.

But having a website or a Facebook page, and getting prospective clients to actually find you and notice you are two different things.

So here’s a freebie for you:

Need some help getting NOTICED? 

If your prospective clients and customers aren’t finding you online when they’re searching for beauty or hair services, you’re missing out on business!

Enter your details below and get a FREE, customized, comprehensive analysis of your online presence, in a 30-page report delivered to your inbox within 48 hours.

What I Wish I Had Known When I Started … (Part One)

What I Wish I Had Known When I Started … (Part One)

Marnie here…

Isn’t it interesting how our failures become our greatest teachers?
My biggest failures were the most shameful, isolating and downright revolting experiences of my life. They were also my biggest lessons. I chose to LEARN from them. Every challenge that ever presented I chose to seek a lesson from.
I – and possibly you too:-) went into business for myself, knowing I was pretty darn good at most beauty treatments – I’ll just hire the staff for the treatments I’m no good at / don’t like, and honestly, I just wanted to work for myself. Wasn’t it meant to be all roses and happiness owning a business?!


I’ve decided to swallow my pride and share some of them with you.


If there is one thing I have truly learned from my coaching clients, industry colleagues, Salon Mavens Facebook group members and the messages I receive daily (and have received over the last 10 years) 
… I was not actually alone. 
Yet I didn’t know this in the early days. Social media wasn’t big when I first started out. I didn’t tell a lot of people what I was going through. I thought it meant something was wrong with ME that this shit was happening.  I was ashamed. I was failing BADLY and FAST! (didn’t THAT bring up childhood issues !!). 
So many others have gone through so many of the same issues and failings I experienced. 
Staff issues; pouring your hard earned cash and soul into training them, only for them to rip your heart out when they leave with half your clientele and some of your product, or costing you 1000’s in legal fees thinking they could sue the pants of you and be set for life…
(Obviously watching too many U.S drama shows) big marketing promises with expenses that could feed a 3rd world village, which in turn brought NOTHING in.) 
Theft, burglary, weird-ass clients requiring police attendance (twice this happened, and one had assaulted me badly). 
SO Here it is: 
My first salon, my most shameful, horrific failure experience, (which I NEVER talk about really), was in a quaint old 2 storey premises. 
The lady who sold it to us also sold us our home. So I trusted her. She didn’t know the truth of it either though. 
Long story short, I bought a little bit of a salon, A LOT of brothel
The owner and a side kick were turning tricks upstairs “massaging” whilst the other staff did the beauty treatments downstairs.
Not only did she take her “massage clientele” and half the other salon clients with her within the first month…
… I was left with a massive debt on the mortgage, no money coming in (as I wasn’t well versed in the, erm, massage world)  and no way to pay the bills.
We bought a second salon (hey it seemed like the right move at the time).
Within 10 months we had lost our house. Our marriage was in tatters. We couldn’t sue her as we didn’t have $60k to start the process.
Stay tuned for my next post  to see how I managed this disaster and was able to  easily learn and implant systems and marketing projects that turned my salon’s average weekly income to $17,000 a week (yup, I’m super proud of those failures becoming my biggest teachers for my best successes!).

Need some help getting NOTICED? 

If your prospective clients and customers aren’t finding you online when they’re searching for beauty or hair services, you’re missing out on business!

Enter your details below and get a FREE, customized, comprehensive analysis of your online presence, in a 30-page report delivered to your inbox within 48 hours.