6 Simple Facebook Competitions to Boost Salon Engagement

6 Simple Facebook Competitions to Boost Salon Engagement

Marnie here, 
I know many salon owners who rely almost entirely on Facebook for their bookings and sales.
It’s where you post special offers,  announce new products and services, introduce your team members and much more. 
But sometimes, no matter how loud you shout, it seems nobody is listening, right? Hardly anybody seems to notice, and it can be SO frustrating. 
So here are half a dozen simple easy-to-do contests that can serioously boost engagement and activity among your Facebook followers. 
First thing is, a Facebook contest has to be SIMPLE. 
Forget messing about with third-party applications – just run a simple contest through a status update on your Facebook timeline. 
The goal is to increase the engagement and reach of your business on Facebook by encouraging activity.  When people LIKE, Share and Comment on your Facebook updates, you’ll get exposure to their Facebook network and increase the likelihood of showing up in their timeline in the future. 
You can also use a simple Facebook contest to grow your email list.  I’ll talk about this strategy last. 
If you find yourself wanting to hold a more complex contest than the below, consider using one of the third party apps I mention at the end of this article. 
Facebook does have Terms of Service around contests and you can review the official Facebook promotion guidelines here.
You can have any of the six contests below running in minutes.
1 – Like to Win
It doesn’t get simpler than this.  Find an incentive to give away and ask people to LIKE your page to enter. 
The goal here is simply to increase the number of people that LIKE your page so that you can continue to engage with them. 
If possible, use an image of the prize in the post.
This is really simple. 
Ask your fans to comment on your post. The comment is their entry into the competition. Here’s a typical fill-in-the-blank example that encourages comments: 
“My fav travel destination is_________________________ because __________________ Post your top travel destination to enter to win (Prize)! We’ll pick a winner from the comments at 5pm on Thursday!”
Here’s how Gummy Bear did it: 
2 – Comment to Win 
3 – Solve to Win
It’s just a twist on Comment to Win. 
Contest entries will still be registered through comments but, in this case, you’re asking them to solve a puzzle or answer a trivia question. 
Here’s a classic example: 
“Guess how many jelly beans are in this jar. The closest guess will win [PRIZE]. Winner will be announced at 6 pm on Easter Sunday on our Facebook page.
The LoansbyChris Facebook page posted a series of trivia questions over several days that ultimately culminated in a single winner. 
Notice that the trivia questions are relevant to his mortgage lending business…
4 – Selfie Contest
People LOVE taking selfies. 
Why not take advantage of it, with an “upload your fav selfie and Win!” contest…
Such as:
“Did you go to the Beauty Expo? Share a photo you took of your weekend activities, put the pic in the comments below – if your photo gets the most ‘likes’ you win (Prize) – contest winner announced Monday at 11am.”
Here’s another one:
5 – Caption Contest
Here’s another twist on the Comment to Win contest – and this can get a LOT of activity on your page. 
Be careful with the image you choose though, if you use the wrong image, it can fall flat. But a good image that’s relevant to your fan base will generate a lot of comments, likes and shares. 
Here’s a winner: 
6- Join Our Email List to Win
But the contest you should be concentrating on is one which gets all those fans and followers into your email list!
Having fans on Facebook is all well and good. But they are Facebook’s customers, not yours – until you can get them away from Facebook and into your mailing list. 
Which is why, for example, whenever my team of specialists builds a new website for a salon, somewhere in the world, we always encourage them to instal some kind of email ‘lead capture’ device on the website. 
Then you can run a competition on Facebook to drive people to your website, where they can pick up a free Gift Voucher for first-time visitors, like this one: 

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Has all this been useful for you? Don’t be afraid to comment below…oh, and we have TONS of marketing ideas, courses, templates, video how-to material, social media graphics – all instantly downloadable in the Client Attraction System…go take a look here: https://worldwidesalonmarketing.com/client-attraction-system-2-0/
Talk soon:-) 
Is Your Salon ‘Congruent’?

Is Your Salon ‘Congruent’?

Marnie here, 
“Is your salon business CONGRUENT”? 
Online forums are wonderful things to browse around picking up useful bits of information here and there. But no matter what information you discover, it’s completely worthless unless you implement it, or put it to use in some way. 
On one forum today I noticed a salon owner asking opinions on whether staff ‘should be allowed to wear facial piercings‘… and that led me to wonder about the whole issue of something called ‘congruency‘…. 
…the ‘quality or state of agreeing or corresponding’ – in relation to business, marketing & sales.
In my home town there’s a famous old-fashioned car dealer, one of the biggest and most successful in Australia.
John Hughes is well into his eighties, absolutely loves his job, and has some policies that younger people might find more appropriate to the nineteen fifties.
For example, John refuses to allow his salesmen to wear their sunglasses perched on top of their heads.
He believes such habits only confirm public opinion about car salesmen being hucksters.
It’s not congruent with his decades-long drive to establish his brand as trustworthy.
When you go to visit your accountant, you’d find it incongruent to see him and his staff wandering around the office in board shorts and T-shirts – yet completely correct for the staff of a theme park to be dressed that way.
Would staff with facial piercings be appropriate for a high-end day spa in a 5-star hotel? Probably not. In a tattoo parlour? Absolutely.
Would hair stylists dressed as though they’re about to go nightclubbing be congruent with a salon that brands itself as a rock ‘n roll ‘destination’? Naturally.
(And there’s a major difference between hiring an employee who is merely competent, and one who is congruent with the business.)
You have to be aware of what ‘fits’, and what doesn’t. 
Do you market yourself as super-sophisticated venue yet your location, fixtures and fittings let you down? 
Or you have a brothel on one side and a lumber yard on the other? 
At the other end of the scale, there seems little to recommend being ‘cheap and cheerful’ – no appointments necessary, bare-bones prices, second-hand furniture – and at the same time insisting on a website that screams Million Dollar Salon. 
Here’s a checklist: 
1. What’s the essential message you want to convey to clients and prospects – Calmness? Efficiency? Glitz and Glam? Fun? 
2. If it’s ‘Efficiency’ for example, are you always on time? Is your welcome procedure always the same? Do your staff process payments and book appointments quickly and smoothly? 
3. If you project an image of professionalism, is this reflected in your staff uniforms? 
4. If cleanliness is God, are you a Nazi about the toilets, the floors, cobwebs in the corners?
5. If you’re aiming for affluent clients, do you provide such clients with an experience your ‘average’ clients don’t get? 
6. What does your phone manner say about you and your business…for example, do you have a set phone answering procedure, or is it ad hoc? 
7. As always, the Message has to fit the Method, in all things.

Discover all the essential elements of marketing your business so it can reach its full potential with the Client Attraction System 2.0

Now, don’t assume that I knew all this stuff when I started my first salon business. 
Far from it. 
I was so overwhelmed by the whole process of setting up a new business – finding clients, advertising, training staff, buying products, paying the rent, getting my head around technology…
….there was just so much to do, I didn’t have the head space to worry about such intangible concepts as ‘congruency.’ 
…and it’s MUCH more difficult now to keep across ALL ‘public image’ aspects of your business, thanks to so many ways people can “see” you, particularly online. 
They can see you via your website…
They can see you in your Facebook and other social media accounts, like Instagram. 
They can see you – and what people are saying about you – whenever they find your Google Business Listing in a search…
Fortunately, most of these issues can be fixed up – with a bit of technical knowledge, or the experts to help you – by sitting in front of a computer screen. 
I know, most of us HATE doing that.
Which is why my technical team and I have provided a “Quick and Easy” solution for you below – a completely FREE, detailed audit of your online ‘look and feel’ as well as a free health check of your website and Google Business Listing…
Talk soon:-) 
How to Sell Salon Memberships

How to Sell Salon Memberships

How to Sell Salon Memberships – and Bring in Cash Up Front!
Marnie here,
Almost every day, one of our Client Attraction System members from somewhere in the world writes to me with a question starting with something like “What do you do in such-and-such a situation…”
But sometimes, I can almost hear the excitement in their voice as they reveal their joy at a promotion that went ‘above and beyond’.
One such Member is Deirdre Cruell of DCStudio in Killeen, a couple of hours south of Dallas, Texas.
Deirdre had originally come to us for help to re-build her existing website, so while my team of designers and technical specialists were doing that (it’s completed now, you can see it here) she joined the Client Attraction System marketing & training program…
….and took ‘Massive Imperfect Action‘ right away.
Deirdre wanted a sudden injection of cash. So she studied the Membership Sales module and ‘how-to’ videos in the Client Attraction System and got to work. Here’s how she describes what happened…
Isn’t that amazing?
Power to you Deirdre!
Of course, Deirdre’s far from being a ‘loner’ in successfully selling memberships.
All over the world, our Members are doing exactly the same, following exactly the same system and using exactly the same tools and marketing templates in the Client Attraction System 2.0, and often getting even bigger results.
What would an instant cash injection of $10,000 or $20,000 (or even more!) mean to you and your business?
* Pay an overdue tax bill and get that weight off your shoulders?
* Buy that piece of machinery you’ve been lusting after?
* Allow you to finally get that long-awaited salon renovation underway?
This is how Vivienne Bartle in Tasmania describes what happened when she implemented the Membership sales program in the Client Attraction System…
Selling memberships and bringing in all that cash up-front isn’t difficult
It’s just a process, one that if carefully followed, always results in success.
All it takes is
* Allowing yourself time to promote
* Not simply running an ad on Facebook and Instagram and hoping that’s all you need to do
* Setting up a waiting list and allowing clients to put their name down for when you release the memberships
* Having the right promotional material (material that’s already been proven to work. Why re-invent the wheel?)
It’s why the Membership Module in the Client Attraction System is so important. It takes you through exactly the process, step-by-step, so you don’t have to just guess.
If you’re worried about not being able to do what Deirdre and Vivienne and so many others did, fear not!
As a Member of the Client Attraction System, you get as much hand-holding and actual one-on-one support as you need. Yep, guidance all the way, right from the very beginning.
49 of the 75 available spots in the course are already taken, so if you’re thinking “It’s about time!”, you’re absolutely right.
I’d hate to hear in a year’s time “Oh, I wish I’d done that….this year’s looking no better than last year!”
Take care.
Your salon and the Gordon Ramsay factor

Your salon and the Gordon Ramsay factor

(Read To The End for a Special $295 Free Bonus)

Marnie here, 
The other night I was flicking through the TV channels and found yet another re-run of Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell’s Kitchen.” 
Whenever I watch Gordon Ramsay tearing the throat out of a hapless head chef or muddle-headed restaurant owner, I wish I was in the food business.
Every restaurateur with even half a brain must surely be spending at least part of every working day down on bended knee, giving heartfelt thanks for the f***ing marketing opportunity this foul-mouthed and charismatic Brit has provided.
What Ramsay has done is focus the attention of millions of restaurant-goers on the stuff most restaurants would hate them to know – what goes on in the kitchen!
And for the smart ones, that spells opportunity. 
Now, what has this got to do with a salon business? Think outside the square for a moment. 
Here’s how I would use the ‘Ramsay Factor’ in my restaurant business.
First, I would identify what it is about restaurants that – thanks to Ramsay’s TV show – makes people lie awake at 3am, staring at the ceiling….and thanks to Ramsay, that’s pretty easy. 
Has the food been prepared days earlier? Is the kitchen crawling with cockroaches? Do the chefs wash their hands every time they go to the bathroom? Are the ingredients fresh? Is there mold growing over the food?  
THEN…I would create a new marketing message, based on those fears and anxieties. 
The DUMB thing would be to attempt to bury your head in the sand and ignore the Ramsay factor. In fact, I would HIGHLIGHT the negatives, and turn them into positives. For example, a promotion like this: 


Can you see how that statement would set my restaurant apart from any of my competitors? This technique is called  

It does TWO clearly distinct things.
a) By capitalizing on highly-public information (people are already talking about Gordon Ramsay) it enters the conversation that’s already going on in your customers’ heads.
(…so you don’t have to interrupt what they’re thinking…you’re just joining in the conversation, and ‘leveraging’ off what’s currently water-cooler talk.)
b) It highlights the process. Most businesses assume their customers are only interested in the result, the final product.
But there is magic in the detail….there is MONEY in the story of how you deliver what your customers are buying.
Now, if you haven’t done so already, replace restaurant with salon. What can YOU do to tell the story of your process? – a story that addresses what your customers are fearful and anxious about when making a decision about whether to do business with you?
Are your products sourced using a suddenly rediscovered formula developed by primitive tribes in the steamy jungles of Burma?
Does one of your treatments originate from the desert rituals of Bedouin tribes in ancient Mesopotamia? (I’m exaggerating for effect, but you get the picture.)
There are tons of ways you can be telling your “behind the scenes” stories. 
* Instagram is a great platform for that. Photos and videos showing you and your team doing things like (for example) preparing color, or getting a treatment room ready, even such seemingly bland tasks as cleaning, give a sense of “making the invisible visible”. 
* Same can be said for Facebook…so much of what I see on these social media platforms is so “me-too”, just copying everything everyone else is doing. 
* On your YouTube Channel – quirky short videos that you can also use on social media. 
* On your own website (hint: just ‘re-purpose’ content you’ve used on the other platforms.) 
Speaking of your website, is it producing a CONSTANT, steady stream of new inquiries, bookings and leads for you? 
It should be, IF it’s been set up correctly. My team of specialists here at Worldwide Salon Marketing have built more than 500 websites for salons & spas all over the world, and they’ve identified THREE key factors that turn an ordinary website into a really extraordinary cash-generating machine. 
Here’s how to check yours out (for free) and see if it contains any errors that could be preventing it from sending you the flow of business you want. 
PLUS, you’ll get a FREE, comprehensive Audit Report from my team of technical & marketing experts (Valued at $295) on the simple changes you can make to get your website generating more business for you instantly. 
Be my guest, but please be quick!
My team can only do FIVE of these free diagnostic checks for my subscribers – each analysis takes at least two hours – so it’s first in, best dressed:-) 
I hope you can use some of the tips above…
Take care. 
How I Get More Salon Clients Than I Can Handle

How I Get More Salon Clients Than I Can Handle

Meet My Ugly But Very Efficient Sales Assistant:-) 

Marnie here, 
There was a time when I would go to work and stress out about not having enough clients. Now? 
I have too many!
So many in fact, I can’t fit them all in, and I’m constantly having to farm them out to my colleagues and students. 
In this post, I want to show you one of the “Key Client Attractors” that brings me a constant stream of new clients…
In my business, I specialize in lash extensions. It’s a narrow, deep and rich niche market (remember me talking in earlier blogs about the value of niche markets?).
I get a big proportion of my new clients from referrals, just like most salons & spas. That’s the way the beauty industry works, so I’m sure you get a lot of referrals too. 
Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing you can have. 
But it’s not ALL you need. In fact, there’s one form of marketing that’s my silent, unpaid sales person. 
And of all the client inquiries and bookings I get each and every week, fully 20% of them come from this unpaid sales person!
She works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, never gets sick, never takes vacations, never complains, has hair or doctor’s appointments, never gets emotional, and she doesn’t even have to come to my office. 
Okay, she’s not great at conversation, doesn’t have much of a personality, to be honest. But hey, I don’t care, she sends me more clients than I can handle, and that’s fine by me:-) 
But she’s brilliant at fighting off almost all of my competitors, and 
She looks like this: 
She’s my “Google My Business” website.
I work in a city of more than 2 million people. There are countless beauty businesses competing for lash extension clients all over the city.
If you Google “lash extensions Perth” you’ll find at least three pages of listings. But my business…even though I’m miles out of the city…is in the coveted “Big Three” position right at the top of the search results.
Why does that matter? 
Well, my techie team tell me that those top three listings get 91% of all the phone calls and website visits generated by that search. 
Which means that all my competitors – dozens and dozens of them – are sharing the remaining 9% of business between themselves. That’s pretty slim pickings!
Just last month alone, more than 180 people finding my Unattractive But Efficient Sales Assistant clicked through to my website. 
Add those inquiries and calls to all my referral business and client re-bookings, is there any wonder I’m so flat out I have to offload a heap of business to other lash specialists? 
How to Check Your Ugly Sales Assistant
Want to know how to find out where your ugly sales assistant is hiding? 
Here’s what to do: 
1) Open an “Incognito” window in Google Chrome (shift+control+N in Windows, Comand+Control+N on a Mac)
2) Search for a product or service that you sell, eg “hair stylist + your town”
3) If you’re in the Top Three, great. 
4) If you’re not, your Ugly Sales Assistant probably needs a good talking to:-) 
Need Help?