Salon Marketing Tools: Salon owner Nicole Bertrand – from $30,000 in Dec. 09 to $144,000 in December 2010. Here’s how….

Listen in to this audio interview…

There IS a phenomenon among certain types of entrepreneurial salon owners. A phenomenon that, once triggered, creates more activity, more business, more profits, than they ever previously imagined possible.

Such a phenomenon has just happened to one of our long-term Inner Circle member salons, Blush Professional Beauty Touch, owned by Nicole Bertrand, in Sale, Victoria.

In just one year, Nicole’s business has grown from takings of just $30,000 in December, 2009, to a staggering $144,000 in December 2010.

Even better; her entire quarterly sales in 2009 averaged just $45,000. That’s considerably less than a single month’s takings now, just a year later.

Now, for those readers who immediately scoff and think ‘oh, that’s probably because her salon is in the middle of a wealthy, free-spending city area…. think again.

Her salon is in a little country town over 200 kilometres east of Melbourne.


Press the ‘play’ button and eavesdrop as Nicole explains exactly how she grew so big, so fast…


Salon Marketing Strategy From Finland of all places…what happens when a salon ‘gets’ marketing.

Maria Haanpaa of Studio Highlight in Finland ‘doubled sales in three months’ with the marketing Toolkit

Recently our sole salon in Finland won a major prize at a salon competition in Paris. “How do we use that win to our advantage?” asked salon owner Maria Haanpaa.

I advised her on a couple of strategies, and didn’t hear from Maria for a couple of weeks. Last week, she emailed…

I have to thank you for your response about our world champ-marketing.
I called the local newspaper and they made a story of us and at the same newspaper we ran an ad (the Hollywood package) but it was called the ‘World Champs’ package.

With that ad we’ve got 26 new customers at 79€. We’ve
taken all their information and also gave them 5 of the Queen of Referrals
and they are bringing more new customers to us.

Since we started the Queen of Referrals (from the Toolkit) we’ve got about 50 new customers in a month! We’ve been doing that just 2 months now and I did a
competition on that. Whoever gets the most customers to us by the end of March will win a 1000€ gift certificate.

I’m now using our World Championship ‘Silver Medalist’ message on everything I print and it seems that it works so well.

I have also built up Facebook pages and I update that every week because if it stays still it loses its value and people don’t go there to look anymore.

Anyway, thank you so much for everything, I wouldn’t be here without you guys! We’ve doubled our sales within only 3 months and I still want to double that within the next 6months….

Maria Haanpää
Studio Highlight, Kielotie 4-6
01300 Vantaa

Beauty Salon Business Plan Template: From Canada, there’s nothing like success to breed confidence…

New Inner Circle member Shola Olorunleke of Quinn’s World Salon in Canada – inspired and lifted by the instant results of her first ‘WSM-style’ marketing campaigns.

I’ve often pondered what the ‘real’ value of the Toolkit and the Inner Circle program is to struggling salons. And it’s clear, going by feedback like this from salon owners like Shola Olorunleke of Quinn’s World Salon in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada) that the real value is not so much the proven tools, templates and strategies the system provides, but the sense of motivation, direction and sheer inspiration that lifts the spirits of so many.

Here’s what she writes:

“Since our last coaching call some amazing things have been happening. I got the glamour package flyers printed (10,000 copies). I was lucky due to a promo at the printers, I got them printed for 2c each instead of 4c this cost $200.
I put everybody at the salon to work folding the flyers when they weren’t busy. We finished folding and bundling the 10,000 on Sunday. I dropped them off at Canada post distribution center for delivery on Tuesday morning before 11am. Wednesday morning our letter courier mentioned he had our flyers for delivery and before 12noon we had started getting calls and booking new clients.
It has been a week and we are still getting calls. So far we have 20 new clients booked from the flyer. The cost for getting the flers out was canada post 12c each = $1200 and printing 2c each= $200, this totaled $1400. From the bookings we have so far this cost is already paid for.
I just signed up with an online marketing firm that offers coupons to their subscribers as daily deals, before I wouldn’t have done this as I would think that I will be losing money. I jumped at this opportunity because I now underdstand the life-time value of the guest.
We are offering a winter hydrating package (haircut and hydrating treatment) a $65 value for $32. There is no out of pocket cost because the company designs the offer, sends out the emails to subscribers in Saskatoon, and sells the coupons.
I am also sending the poster to be printed for the Christmas gift certificate offer.
We have also started the Queen of referral program and I plan on doing a contest in the new year for our guests. The newsletter has been a hit with our guests.
But here’s the clincher. There’s no doubt that success breeds confidence. It’s amazing how so many members of the Inner Circle program suddenly develop backbone and resolve – to run their businesses with their heads for a change.
The morale in the salon is better, my 2 stylists are excited as they are busier.
I have also taken a firmer stand as I have one stylist who comes to work late and 2 Saturdays in a row didn’t show up for work. We were scrambling to take care of some of his clients and call the others to reschedule their appointment. I had a meeting with him and let him know that his behaviour will not be tolorated any longer (this is after 2 warning letters) and that if it happens again, he should just come in and get his stuff as I would assume he had quit.
I have already put an ad out for a hairstylist and will be interviewing 2 potential stylists in the next few days.
Before I joined WSM I was frustrated, stressed out and constantly worried but now I know what to do to get the results I want to take Quinn’s World to where it should be. It is a lot of work and a lot to take in and do but with the amazing materials in the Toolkit and online, the work is a piece of cake. I am more focussed and I cant wait for what the new year has in store as I know that this will be my best year yet.
THANKS TEAM WSM, Greg and my coach Alberto.
Shola Olorunleke
Quinn’s World Salon

Profitable Salon Templates: Lynette Rogers, LA Hair & Beauty, Tanilba Bay, New South Wales

IC member Lynette Rogers of LA Hair & Beauty in NSW – 100% growth in her salon in 6 months since getting her Toolkit

“When I joined the Inner Circle program and got my Toolkit I only had 4 staff, now have 6 staff, soon to have 8 or 9 staff…..what does this say 🙂  Super-excited Lynnie! Since I started sending out the newsletter 4 months ago, income has increase $2000 – $3000 just from newsletters. Staff are doing 20% retail and 50% re-booking, getting there!!

Thank u thank u thank u!!! And there is still more and more and more to do!

(Oh I put on another full time senior hairdresser today, she starts tomorrow! OMG! That’s 7 staff and in a few more weeks another apprentice!! Thank you again for everything.)

I recently spoke to another salon owner at a Delorenzo conference, who had your program and she said she had not seen any results! I basically told her she was crazy and lazy and to open the damn thing up and get to work!! With my salon with over 100% increase since March, what a goose! I later heard her husband telling her off and she came later for more advise! Just wanted to let you know of that experience I had and how dumbfounded by the conversation I was…lol

All the best and keep up the great work.


Lynette Rogers

PS: I’m going to get myself a nice new shiny car and go over to South Africa in the new year!! with all my success why not 🙂

LA Hair and Beauty
Shop 10 Tanilba Bay
Shopping Centre
Tanilba Bay NSW 2319″ntire system, including the Toolkit.

Beauty Salon Marketing: Success breeds Success – see how UK member Clare Cockell is taking Massive Action

IC member Clare Cockell of The Reef in Kent, UK. Excitement breeds excitement…

Yet more evidence – if any were needed – that losers whine about the economy, while winners create their own economy.

Almost every UK salon owner who applies for Membership of the Inner Circle Premium program complains bitterly about how they ‘can’t afford it because the UK economy is so bad…’

Well, don’t tell Inner Circle Premium member (4 years) Clare Cockell that. Clare, who owns The Reef in Maidstone, Kent, is living proof that there really is truth in the old saying about ‘shaking the tree and seeing what falls out…’

Read Clare’s email from last week, and watch the video below…

Hi Greg,

I hope you’re well?

Just thought I’d let you know about my recent marketing responses. We’ve just had the ‘Winter Warmer’ and a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) early bird Christmas gift voucher day…
The Winter Warmer was sent out in an email to our database of 2500 clients (approximately 500 people opened the email), sent by post to our top 200 clients and put on our website – so far we have had 56 bookings and I’m sure there will be more as it’s available until the end of November. So far that is £2,184 that we wouldn’t have taken!

Quite a few of the bookings were also from new people, or current clients bringing friends who hadn’t visited before, and a couple even rebooked to have it again a week later! All in all very good and we will definitely repeat it next year! the team is also buzzing as it’s keeping them busy and giving them something new to do and focus on.

We advertised our buy one get one free Xmas voucher day in the local paper, again sent it to out top 200 clients, put a poster and balloons in the window, gave out approx 500 leaflets in town and sent out 2 emails to our database of clients (with approximately 500 people opening the first email, 394 opening the second with 170 people clicking through to our website to see what vouchers would be available).

On the day there was a great atmosphere! We sold approximately £9,000 worth of BOGOF vouchers online and in salon (I don’t know exact numbers as it only ended 17 hours ago and I haven’t added it all up to the exact amount yet).

We had some new customers bought vouchers, lots bought for people who have never been to us, a couple of people popped in for treatments from us being out leafleting, the salon was busy so more people stopped to look while passing or came in, and word of mouth was great (one guy came in and said I hear you’ve got buy on get one free vouchers today, I want to get some for my mums birthday in December, when he found out they weren’t valid until after Christmas he paid for 2 at full price!). Again the team loved helping organize and it kept everyone motivated and excited!

We’ve also noticed because of these two promotions that our general normal priced bookings have increased, obviously because we got people talking and our name out there again. If you want to look at the emails sent, let me know.

Thank you for the regular emails, for keeping me motivated and my mind ticking!

Have a great weekend (I know I will!)


Clare Cockell
Spa Manager

The Reef
22 Gabriels Hill
Kent ME15 6JG