[VIDEO] Salon Marketing in Canada – how this salon doubled sales in 3 months

[VIDEO] Salon Marketing in Canada – how this salon doubled sales in 3 months

Listen to  Amber Ahmed, of Amber Esthetics Spa in Montreal, Canada. Amber joined Worldwide Salon Marketing’s Client Attraction System program and in the next three months her sales literally more than doubled as she rolled out the direct mail campaigns, in-salon promotions and online marketing systems.

Take a look as Amber talks about how she ramped up sales so dramatically – and takes us on a quick video tour of her newly-built spa in the heart of Montreal….


Larissa Macleman from Timely Software shares how to get social with your clients

Article by Larissa Macleman – Timely Software BDM.

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I speak with many salon owners who tell me, “I post on Facebook from time to time, but I don’t really know what to post and when.” Other times they say, ”I know I should be on social media more, and I need a plan of attack.” Well thankfully I know a thing or two about salons and social media.

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When I started using social Media in my salon it was still relatively new and I didn’t really know what or how to use it as a business tool. After I sold my salon, and before I joined Timely Salon Software, I ran a small social media consultancy business I was able to see first hand how much of an impact social media could have on a business. I was able to grow salon businesses, increase profits, and strengthen relationships between the salon and their clientele. Here are some of the tips I’ve learned on how to get a business started with social media.

The secret to doing well on social media is to know your audience intimately. What type of client do you want to attract? Who are the clients you have in your salon now, and do you love to look after them when they’re in your chair?  We all have clients who complain, moan and are never happy with what we do, but they still keep coming back and causing you grief. Lets not focus on attracting more like them. You can be picky about who you you choose to promote your business to.

Build a clear picture of who your perfect client is and give her a name.  Build a virtual profile based on what she does, where she goes, and what personal values she has. Let’s start by giving her a name – we’ll call her Jessica. What social media platform does Jessica use? Is she in her 50’s and and in need of a regular colour touch up, or is she in her early 20’s and wanting to look like the latest celebrity? You’ll speak differently to Jessica depending on who she is as a person.

Once you know who Jessica is, you can speak directly to her in all of your business marketing. This starts with picking the right social media platform. If Jessica is 45-55 year old career woman, she is more likely to be on LinkedIn and Twitter than on Instagram and Snapchat, so take that into consideration when choosing your social platform. The 25 year old Jessica who loves to follow celebrity fashion might hang out in Instagram to keep up with the Jenners and Amy Pham, so making sure you have a presence on the right platform for your business is the first step.

My advice would be to nail Facebook before you venture out onto other social platforms, since everyone is on Facebook.

Now you know where Jessica hangs out online, it’s time to start sharing with her.

Show Jessica who you are as a brand and salon team. Post pictures of the hair you do or real things your team get up to outside of work, like courses they attend and team building activities. Continue the real conversations you have inside your salon on your social media pages.

It’s important to be relevant with what you post. There are so many pages posting so many things but you need to be known for something on social media. You’re a hair salon, so post things that are about salons or come from a hair salon’s perspective. For example, a picture of a cute dog is not relevant to your salon, but if the dog has a very cute hairstyle or has come in with a client, it might be.

Also remember that everything you post should be directed at Jessica. Keep in mind that you’re speaking to her. Before you push send, ask yourself if what you’re posting is relevant to your business and interesting to Jessica.

The final thing to keep in mind is that social media is about a conversation. It starts inside your salon business and should be continued through your social pages between salon visits. Hair salons are not only about doing hair; they are a place where we build strong client-stylist relationships, which adds significant value to the salon experience. Social media allows you to build and strengthen those relationships by maintaining your rapport outside your place of business.

Social media doesn’t need to be a challenge if you see it as a way to continue your customer conversations and build relationships while they’re away. Of course to do this you need to know who you’re speaking to. Creating a profile of your perfect client will allow you to speak directly to them and keep them interested in who you are and what you do. Use this as a guideline when deciding what to post and when, and you will do just fine on your salon’s social media.

Good luck out there!

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Marketing & Business Development Manager at Timely Software. After 20 years of owning an award-winning salon and 3 years running online marketing businesses,  Larissa knows first-hand how hard it is to keep up with the evolving digital landscape, while keeping clients happy and looking after the day-to-day pressures of running a business. larissa@gettimely.com


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“I cannot say enough about the impact this program is having on my success and work life balance as a business owner!”

As Canadian spa owner Vicki Watson has discovered, good ‘direct response’ marketing practices work no matter your geographical location, size or demographic.

From Canada comes an email this week of the kind that’s become so familiar to us, but gratifying all the same. Like so many salon & spa owners who are Members of the Inner Circle marketing & mentoring program, Vicki Watson of Wrapture Spa in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan is defying ‘the economy’ and rejoicing in her new-found success and freedom.

“I have been a spa owner for 13 years and since finding Worldwide Salon Marketing my business and my (outside work) life are flourishing to levels I had only before dreamed about.  Through my fabulous coaching calls with Catherine (Hanson, director of WSM Canada) I have been able to see clearly and work through limiting beliefs that were inhibiting the growth of my company and of me personally. 

Catherine is incredible at sharing information that has helped her own business thrive and this alone, literally helps me sleep better at night.  Understanding my business as it compares to my peers has been a phenomenal and re-assuring resource.  Having frank conversations with my coach who has actually “been there” gives me confidence in moving forward when making crucial decisions.


WSM Canada director Catherine Hanson – coaches our Members based on her own super-successful salon in Winnipeg

“My biggest ‘AHA’ moment and most valued coaching advice—thank you Catherine – is as follows;  I have moved out of my comfort zone, or shall I say treatment room two days a week (from 6) and I can honestly say it is like I have learned to breath again.  I have a new appreciation for the potential of my business and I wake up every day excited about the myriad of possibilities that will contribute too many more years of business success.  I can hardly wait to break away from my regular treatment schedule in order to dedicate even more time to working ON my business instead of in it. 

“I no longer feel like I am in a constant fog of disorganized chaos trying to be everything to everyone and doing none of it well.  I have a new appreciation for being an entrepreneur and since adopting many of the WSM principles no longer view myself as an “employee” in my own business.  Importantly, neither do my staff; Many of the principles (contained in) Selling Like Crazy and the Queen of Referrals program are helping staff to take ownership in my business as well as taking responsibility for their part in daily work successes.

“I can’t thank WSM enough for these resources and for the fact that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time I do an ad or a promotion.  The time saved on sourcing images and setting up templates alone is worth every penny! These sound practices don’t cost me a fortune and can all be tracked, right down to the penny which gives me the confidence to roll out new promotion after new promotion.  Also, understanding the value of going after the clients we have not retained in the past has been an astonishing revelation! 

“I cannot say enough about the impact this program is having on my success and work life balance as a business owner!  Many continued thanks to Catherine and the WSM team!”

Beauty Salon Business Plan Template: From Canada, there’s nothing like success to breed confidence…

New Inner Circle member Shola Olorunleke of Quinn’s World Salon in Canada – inspired and lifted by the instant results of her first ‘WSM-style’ marketing campaigns.

I’ve often pondered what the ‘real’ value of the Toolkit and the Inner Circle program is to struggling salons. And it’s clear, going by feedback like this from salon owners like Shola Olorunleke of Quinn’s World Salon in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada) that the real value is not so much the proven tools, templates and strategies the system provides, but the sense of motivation, direction and sheer inspiration that lifts the spirits of so many.

Here’s what she writes:

“Since our last coaching call some amazing things have been happening. I got the glamour package flyers printed (10,000 copies). I was lucky due to a promo at the printers, I got them printed for 2c each instead of 4c this cost $200.
I put everybody at the salon to work folding the flyers when they weren’t busy. We finished folding and bundling the 10,000 on Sunday. I dropped them off at Canada post distribution center for delivery on Tuesday morning before 11am. Wednesday morning our letter courier mentioned he had our flyers for delivery and before 12noon we had started getting calls and booking new clients.
It has been a week and we are still getting calls. So far we have 20 new clients booked from the flyer. The cost for getting the flers out was canada post 12c each = $1200 and printing 2c each= $200, this totaled $1400. From the bookings we have so far this cost is already paid for.
I just signed up with an online marketing firm that offers coupons to their subscribers as daily deals, before I wouldn’t have done this as I would think that I will be losing money. I jumped at this opportunity because I now underdstand the life-time value of the guest.
We are offering a winter hydrating package (haircut and hydrating treatment) a $65 value for $32. There is no out of pocket cost because the company designs the offer, sends out the emails to subscribers in Saskatoon, and sells the coupons.
I am also sending the poster to be printed for the Christmas gift certificate offer.
We have also started the Queen of referral program and I plan on doing a contest in the new year for our guests. The newsletter has been a hit with our guests.
But here’s the clincher. There’s no doubt that success breeds confidence. It’s amazing how so many members of the Inner Circle program suddenly develop backbone and resolve – to run their businesses with their heads for a change.
The morale in the salon is better, my 2 stylists are excited as they are busier.
I have also taken a firmer stand as I have one stylist who comes to work late and 2 Saturdays in a row didn’t show up for work. We were scrambling to take care of some of his clients and call the others to reschedule their appointment. I had a meeting with him and let him know that his behaviour will not be tolorated any longer (this is after 2 warning letters) and that if it happens again, he should just come in and get his stuff as I would assume he had quit.
I have already put an ad out for a hairstylist and will be interviewing 2 potential stylists in the next few days.
Before I joined WSM I was frustrated, stressed out and constantly worried but now I know what to do to get the results I want to take Quinn’s World to where it should be. It is a lot of work and a lot to take in and do but with the amazing materials in the Toolkit and online, the work is a piece of cake. I am more focussed and I cant wait for what the new year has in store as I know that this will be my best year yet.
THANKS TEAM WSM, Greg and my coach Alberto.
Shola Olorunleke
Quinn’s World Salon

Salon Marketing Success: Canadian salon owner shows how it’s done…

I’ve often written that losers blame the economy for their salon’s poor performance. But winners create their own economy.

Robert Amado (Canada) is finding inspiration and instant results as a Member of the Inner Circle Premium marketing & mentoring program

Canadian salon owner and new Inner Circle member Robert Amado is clearly a winner. Writing from his Amado Salon & Spa in Kleinberg, Ontario, Robert can barely hide his enthusiasm and excitement for the impetus, motivation and results he’s achieved since joining the program and receiving his Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit® just a few months ago…

“GREG, there’s nothing like good icing on the cake!

I joined WSM in July of this year. It is a lot to absorb, especially just starting out as a business owner. (But then again you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time). The Toolkit has helped me tremendously and having the coach is great!

I have implemented the 99 dollar added value promo in a local magazine which was supposed to come out at the beginning of October but didn’t get distributed until mid October.

Since I put it out I’ve received 10 new clients. That’s a client per day since it went out and people are still inquiring, asking if there are any packages left! :).

The kicker is that I am going to put out a winter package soon and one of my staff said ‘don’t you think you should slow down?’

HA! So I made her a deal and said ‘sure, you can pay the bills and I will slow down!’ Also I have in the salon for clients to pre book their next 3 appointments and they can enter to win 100 dollars worth of hair services. And lastly the Queen of Referrals program works beautifully. I believe in no time I will be putting down the tools and the only tool I will need is the Toolkit! Greg, thank you for your knowledge. I’ve taken action and I’m working my way up to the massive!

Robert Amado
Amado Salon
Kleinburg ontario


Do you need a dose of Brutal Reality…like THIS?

If you’ve ever felt down about your salon business, if you’ve reached the end of your tether, on the brink of failure, the bailiff knocking at the door, the bills piling up so high you can’t see over them….

You need to read this.

If you’re in up to your ears, like this WSM member, you’ll probably find it uncomfortable. I make no apology for that. Sometimes, I’m regarded as a bit of an ogre. I make no apology for that either.

“Woe is me…”

Last week, the following pathetic email arrived in my in-box, from a long-term Inner Circle member. I won’t identify her (I’m not that cruel) but she’ll recognize this story. In fact, she gave me permission to publish it. I’ve edited the letter for clarity.

“Hi Greg,

I am in dire straits. I owe the taxman money, suppliers, super, rent and many more.

I have even picked up a 2nd job to start helping me pay back debt.

I now work all day in the salon, get home at around 6pm or later make dinner for my little girl and then leave the house to get to my second job at 8.30pm to start at 9pm and finish at 2am, then get home sleep for about 2hours and then up again to start all over again, just going through the motion as a zombie.

I no longer see my 4 year old, have no zest for life due to being so exhausted day in day out. So I guess this email is a cry for help.

I want to have a successful business. I want to be a successful woman so I can have my daughter look up to me and say, ‘wow my mummy is such a successful person.’ Not to say ‘my mother lives day by day or even worse, has become ill from exhaustion.

I am even considering selling the business to try and cut the debt, but I have two young girls who work for me and depend on me, and I love my salon (even though its in need of a face-lift). I love being a member of the community. I love my work; it’s the only thing I can do well.

I even bought tickets to come to the (Salon Profit Secrets) seminar in Sydney, but my mother got ill and I was then unable to attend.

So I guess I am asking, what steps I should take in my marketing to become the business/role model woman I want to be.

Please, I am so dedicated to change my life. I just need you to be my light.

I have been a member of your (Inner Circle) program for around 2 years. The tool kit has sat on the shelf collecting dust, and I have forgotten about it.

Kind regards, Mary…”

After I regained my breath, and retrieved my dropped jaw from the floor, I wrote back to her. I could have written some molly-coddling crap, soothed her troubled brow and told her everything would be okay. But frankly, I was too bloody annoyed.

“Good grief.
You admit
‘the tool kit has sat on the shelf collecting dust, and I have forgotten about it‘….

What??? If all you did was get off your backside, take the thing off the shelf and USE IT, you wouldn’t be in the situation you are now in.

If you won’t take action to help yourself, with the tools you ALREADY HAVE, then what on earth do you expect us to do? Drag you kicking and screaming to the success trough? Show me you are prepared to do something, then do it, and then I’ll help.

Take the Toolkit down, start using it. Get onto the members site, start using what’s in there. But don’t just expect somebody to wave a magic wand and ‘fix everything’ for you, without you lifting a finger!”

Now, I fully expected this member to immediately collapse in a flood of tears, instantly resign her membership of the Inner Circle program and flounce off into a self-righteous cloud of failure, forever more blaming everyone and everything but herself.

But no. She thought about it for a couple of days, and wrote back thus:

“Hi Greg,

I want to thank you for your quick response back to my email, I know you are a very busy man.
All I can say is that you hit the nail on the head with your comments about me.
I have spent the last couple of days reading the emails WSM has sent and using the members site and taking marketing ideas from the site and other salon owners.
Your email back has made me think of my past actions and also I took a step back and thought ‘what can I lose if I work the program, seeing you have made many people successful (they have also wanted it too).
So I have turned a new leaf so to speak. I have designed up a newsletter to send out to my guests with my  ideas, and also ideas I got from the Members Only site.

Your response was truthful, which made the tears flow. I am now taking control of my life, business and family, and so want very hard to succeed to be a role model in the industry and for my daughter.

And I have not only taken the Toolkit off the shelf and dusted it down, I’ve opened it and used templates for future marketing.

Fingers crossed for me, and hopefully I will be one of your guest speakers one day, that came out of financial despair to running a chain of salons. I thank you again….”

It could have gone either way. Mary could have just as easily rolled over and curled up in a corner, hoping the world would go away. It took bravery to do what she did.

Too many business owners go under because they fail to take control, and therefore responsibility. The two are inextricably linked.

To quote Dan Kennedy, ‘being broke is just a temporary circumstance. Being poor is a state of mind’.

Are you a poor salon owner, or merely broke? If you’re poor, there’s not much I or anybody else can do for you. If you’re merely broke – like Mary – then you know what to do. Get off your butt, and take action.

And one day, soon, I expect we’ll hear more from Mary. She’ll be on this website, proudly telling the story of how she dragged herself from the depths of depression, resignation, despair….to success. I’ll be the first to applaud.